Day and Night Support

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January 01, 2013

Electricians continue to support a paper mill during the days, nights, and weekends.  Instrument mechanics are supporting the mill 7 nights a week.  Highground Services’ electricians also have been inventorying electric motors throughout the mill. They are collecting data from the motor name plates to update their database.

Lubrication mechanics are supporting the paper mill and power plant areas.  Two employees are changing paper and charcoal filters throughout the mill and providing utility support.  Two employees are also supplying project management support for various mill construction projects.  One of these projects involves replacing all the lights in the Fluff Mill and Fluff warehouse with shatter proof lights to keep glass from reaching the fluff pulp.

Highground Services is supplying four employees to the Storeroom.  Three are in the receiving and distribution warehouse and one is supplying clerical support.  Two electricians and two helpers continue to perform electrical demolition in the sections of the paper mill which are not being used.  They are removing a large volume of copper wire which the mill is selling to recyclers.  Pipefitters have repaired all the restrooms in the Main Office.  Electricians are installing an axel counter for log trucks at the Main Scale House.  This is to ensure that trucks have all axels on the scale, guaranteeing accurate weight.

Environmental support continues in the areas of oil spill prevention, storm water, chemical management, and permit preparation and submittal. The updated groundwater withdrawal permit application was submitted this month. 

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