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Highground's electricians are fully trained in OSHA and NFPA 70E safety requirements and provide services in a safe, professional, and efficient manner.  The safety of our personnel, our client's personnel, and their integrated systems is our highest priority.  Our electricians are also trained on the National Electrical Codes and go through an extensive five point evaluation program starting at 50V through 13,800V.  We have specialized electricians for different levels and we assign the right electrician for the appropriate job.  From weekly toolbox talks by our supervisors, to job-site inspections by our safety officer, our safety/training program is stringent and it is effective.  

Highground Services has demonstrated a strong commitment to safety and health by having a safety professional on staff who has met educational and professional experience standards.  Our safety professional has demonstrated knowledge through examination and continuing education requirements necessary to maintain certification.  Certification ensures credibility for employees, employers, government agencies, businesses, and the public.

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